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This App analyzes the BPM of your archived
music in device and automatically
creates the
most suitable playlist for running distance,
time and pace. Enjoy running with music and
get faster efficiently,
deliver your target time!
(Available with iPhone iOS10+、Android 4.2+)

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Easy to use function

Target Set Up

Set up time, distance and pace balance by tapping
BPM bar on screen

Images for illustration purposes.

While Running

Showing several status information and
BPM graph as well

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After Run

Showing result, once saved to playlist,
you can use the same setting for next run.

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JVC Run & Music Features

Voice Notification

You must keep a good pace to finish race and achieve
target time.
Supporting you by voice notification telling how
you run against each
split time target

Pitch Control function

A whole playlist can be played back fast-forwarded up to max 5%
If you could run up a routine course in this pitch condition,
which means you’ve got faster than yesterday, way to go!

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BPM function

BPM Search Function

This app is doing BPM search automatically for all tunes stored
in the
smartphone. (Time for search: 3 seconds/tune*)
Getting the BPM information for the new tunes is available by setting each time.
Available to change the numerical value to your favorite rhythm.

* It differs depending on the music or the device you use.

  • It randomly select the tunes according to the set BPM.
  • Available to set up to five your favorite tunes.
  • Available to exclude the tunes you won’t use during setting.
  • Available to skip the selected tunes during running.
    →The other tune will be selected
  • Available to speed up/down the tune during running.

Select BPM

  • Music matching at your own pace
    →You can run with less stress on your body
  • Slightly slow BPM
    →For your long running
  • Slightly fast BPM
    →To improve your performance
    or hard training.

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  • Secured fit by Pivot Motion Fit (Fin type structure / HA-ET50BT)
  • Stable fit with Clip around ears (HA-EC30BT)
  • Cable Management with Magnetic Housing to keep headphones stored easily when not using
  • 9-hour battery life for HA-ET50BT / 8-hour battery life for HA-EC30BT
  • Open type ear pieces allow in ambient noise.
  • Water Resistant (IPX5) for sweat or in rain.
  • 3-button mic / remote for hands-free phone, sound volume and play/stop/skip functions.
  • Available in four colours (yellow/blue/black/red) for HA-EC30BT and three colours (yellow/blue/black) for
    HA-ET50BT to match your workout clothes.
  • “JVC Run & Music APP” supports your training effectively.